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India 3: faith and fans in the rice bowl

January 31, 2010

John McCarthy: The Hindu Times, Chennai edition, has plenty of Tamil Nadu news and carries a report revealing that some of M.K. Azhagiri’s billboards have been breaking loose from their moorings and damaging people and property. One banner of the grinning minster landed on top of a rickshaw. Driver and passengers survived but the vehicle sustained some denting.

Saturday 30 January: Tanjavur
Happily there are no flying hoardings about when we film a sequence with a bicycle rickshaw bringing me to the Brihadiswarar Temple. Oddly the machine seems to go faster uphill than down. At first I assume that the driver just doesn’t want to let the machine run away down a long incline, yet when we indicate that a bit more alacrity would suit the filming he nods and gets up to start pumping the pedals for all he’s worth, but to little avail. When we want to do the shot on wide it seems right to get out and help push. The poor man’s life would be transformed with a little help from Messrs Sturmey & Archer. Read the rest of this entry »


India 2: traffic and the first temple

January 30, 2010

John McCarthy takes up the story of filming in India:

Meenakshi Temple, Madurai

Wednesday 27 January: on the streets in Chennai
It’s hard not to lapse into clichés talking about India — because the same things always hit you: the noise, the smells, the traffic, the colours, the chaos and all the people. Yet for all the excitement and shock you realise that there’s also an immediate intimacy about the place. You feel very obviously a stranger but because there are so many other folk dashing about their lives, somehow you get caught up in the throng and become part of it. Even in your own vehicle in a traffic jam. Read the rest of this entry »

India 1: well met in Madurai

January 27, 2010

Carvings on a gateway at Sanchi

We’ve been neglecting this blog for far too long, for which many apologies. Today we start the India filming trip for this second series of Art of Faith, during which our locations will include the carvings at Sanchi, pictured above.

Today, albeit rather briefly, producer Seb Grant takes up the story…

‘Do you think the salad is safe?’

‘What about the chicken? Do you think it’s safe to eat the chicken?’

‘What about the fruit salad? Is that OK?’

Ah yes, the food-paranoia surrounding every meal in India (or is that just me / the Art of Faith crew?) It’s 11pm at night and we (presenter, John McCarthy, cameraman Ian and myself) have got to be up for 5.30 tomorrow morning. This blog is brought to you in association with

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